Joe Arpaio Returns Fire!

Idiot and traitor John McCain came out and attacked President Trump for his pardoning of America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.


But as we all know, Sheriff Joe is a fighter, and so he PUNCHED back at the vile, decrepit Senator.

Here’s what he said:

“I’m a little surprised at the Senator. He did call me after my (election) loss… I’m really shocked that he took that shot at me. I stayed out of his race as a matter of courtesy and he called me after I lost. ‘Anything I can do for you?’ Well, thank Senator. Thanks a lot.

Maybe it’s not just me. He doesn’t like the president so going after me he figures will make the president look bad. But that’s sad. That’s how politicians are. Remember who the deciding vote was on Obamacare. Think of that. Think of that and how many people are going to suffer. He should be supporting our president.”

Apraio then responded to the other idiot senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, who of course, also disagreed with the pardon, saying,

“I would have preferred that the President honor the judicial process and let it take its course.”

Arpaio said Flake “is trying to make points with the mayor. And all those other Democrat politicians and all of those activists saying the same thing.”

Arpaio also went on to explain that he’s in millions of dollars of debt because of the “sham” case, and needs help with his legal fees.

Arpaio then praised President Trump, saying “I would still support him regardless of the pardon.”

“I’m glad he had the guts to do what he did,” he said. “I’m just sad that he has to take some heat from certain media outlets if you know what I mean. But they go after him all of the time. When he does anything they tear him apart. I have never seen anything like this.”

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BLM Activist Says To White People “Give Up The Home You Own” To A Black Or Brown Family

Chanelle Helm, an alleged “co-founder and core organizer” of a BLM chapter, suggested that white people “give up the home you own.”

The Daily Caller: An activist associated with the Black Lives Matter movement recently offered a list of requests for white people.

The article for Leo Weekly, titled, “White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader,” was written by Chanelle Helm, a self-described “cofounder and core organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville.”

In the post, Helm opens by telling white people, “if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.”

White people who can “an afford to downsize” are urged to “give up the home you own to a black or brown family.”

“White people, re-budget your monthly so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing,” reads another request.

Helm also references “lil’ dick-white men” associated with the alt-right and tells other whites to, “Get they ass fired. Call the police even: they look suspicious.” Check out our source here.

John McCain Just Blew His Top!

John McCain was not happy with President Trump’s Pardon of former Sheriff Arpaio. McCain claims President Trump’s pardon undermines the rule of law.


John McCain Just Blew His Top!

John McCain was not happy with President Trump’s Pardon of former Sheriff Arpaio. McCain claims President Trump’s pardon undermines the rule of law.


Putin says Muslim refugees should go to Saudi Arabia or Iran “Where their radical beliefs are considered the norm”

He also tells Muslim immigrants “You can not impose your own rules (Sharia laws) in a culture that is not your own”
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This clip of Putin’s views on radicals is combined with footage of Fahad Qureshi, who leads a well-known Wahhabi organization “IslamNet”, out of Norway. Qureshi is a second-generation Norwegian of Pakistani origin, and his father was affiliated to Tablighi Jamaat, an ultra-orthodox sect for Sunnis. In the video, he is working the crowd to instill ultra-conservative views as pan-Muslim views. He advocates that all Sunnis believe in segregation for men and women, stoning for adultery, and the list goes on. This is not entirely true – there are as many different Muslim views as there are interpretations of the Quran. Wahhabism is a cult – much like the Ku Klux Klan or Scientology, except it is permeated with billions of Saudi and US dollars. It achieves certain foreign policy objectives abroad – yet when the chickens come home to roost, the leaders of these countries prefer to act uninvolved.

The Muslim world continues to be one of the least developed societies, where many Western values are considered offensive. While every person has a right to their culture in their own land, one cannot choose to live in Europe and expect the society around them to live according to Sharia Law.

There are no borders in today’s internet age – these clerics can be accessed from any point in the globe. When Donald Trump says that we simply don’t know which Muslims subscribe to these views and which do not, he is correct. But that doesn’t mean that all Muslims are Sunni, or that all Sunnis are Wahhabi [Salafi].

For example, the majority of Russia’s Chechens are Sunni Muslims, who live [almost] in harmony with the modern Russian state. Both of the Chechen wars were funded by Western dollars and influenced by Saudi clerics. Today, these influences remain – which is why it is common to find Chechens within ISIS ranks. At the same time, Chechnya has its own Muslim army against ISIS insurgents. It is a constant balancing act between vastly varying interpretations of the Holy book, and modernity.

The US State Department is adamant on funding “the moderates” of the world but they have no idea how to tell them apart from the “extremists.”

As a visionary, President Putin has been consciously building bridges to mitigate the two cultures in Russia for decades to come. He has opened Europe’s largest Mosque in Moscow, has close ties with local Chechen leaders, and pumps millions into the Chechen economy to ensure that the people are educated and have as many opportunities as elsewhere in Russia. At the same time, the people of Chechnya have traditions that are instilled only in that part of Russia.

Most people who ask the right questions about their European identities, in their many different forms, are immediately branded as ‘nationalist’. Most people who question the politics of mass migration are accused of far-right or fascist views.

But isn’t there a danger of “European tolerance” creating a very unstable future for their own children? How will they reconcile their lives with second or third generation adherents of European Wahhabism? Except by this time, they will also be citizens of their hosting country, with full rights of voting and other civil liberties.

Yes! Democrat Scumbag Arrested!

A man who punched a black Trump supporter than boasted about it online has just been arrested.

BREITBART: A 20-year-old man has been arrested after footage emerged appearing to show him punching a black President Trump supporter at an America First rally in Laguna Beach, California.

Republican activist R.C. Maxwell, who refers to himself as the ‘black Sean Hannity’ and is the national coordinator for the Republican PAC American Voice, claims he sought to open a dialogue with counter-protesters, then was punched by 20-year-old Richard Losey.

Footage of the incident appears to show Maxwell trying to talk to an aggressive group of supporters before being hit square in the face by Losey:

The video was later uploaded to social media and shown to police. Reportedly, Losey then identified himself to authorities by boasting about the attack on Twitter.

“I did what I had to do. He ran and left us alone when his input wasn’t wanted. We all told him to leave, and he didn’t. He had it coming,” he wrote. “I did it because he wouldn’t stop talking about Trump when all of us told him thousands of times we didn’t want to hear it. I am not racist.”

Check out our source here.